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Bearshark Swim School 

Plunge into the Adventure of a Lifetime

About Us

Finding a great swim lesson program that fits your schedule and gets you the efficient results you are looking for can prove to be impossible. Bearshark Swim Lessons can alleviate this strain by providing lessons that fit your schedule and are aimed at your swimmer's personal goals.

Our Lesson Packages


Private Lessons

Private lessons are for one on one instruction between the swimmer and the insturctor.


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private lessons are for instruction between the instructor and two swimmers. 


Competitive Lessons

Competitive lessons are designed for competitive swimmers to hone their skills with one on one time with instructors.

"There was a clear progression and sequence of skills and instruction that our instructor worked through. One of my kids was very timid in the water and our instructor did a great job helping her feel safe and gain more confidence. Both of my kids improved through Natalie's instruction! We would recommend this swim school to anyone and everyone!"

- Amy Booher


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